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Fond of Fonts Part I

Fond of Fonts Part I

Fond of Fonts Part I

Born from our underbelly, we present you Fond of Fonts: our latest series of Studio Collect signatures.
A vibrant jewelry line of colourful opalite, jade, quartz crystals, and vintage sapphires set in silver and gold.
Somewhere between coffee and banana cake, flipping through Paul van Ostaijen’s Bezette Stad - and Louise Fili and Steven Heller’s Stencil Type, we found ourselves mouth watering over beautiful art deco stencil letters from 1937. Rhythmic and round. Full of serifs, strokes, and swirly swashes. Geometric lines and curves always stimulate our senses, but this one got us bubbling like a Bellini cocktail. And so we went all out.
The result?
An expressive collection filled with timeless statement pieces.
Strong. Optimistic. Rebellious. Just like you.
Created to only impact you, we have incorporated vintage stones into this line.
As a result, some designs are limited editions. Making this a jewelry collection to cherish even more.
Fond of Fonts Sunstone EarringsFond of Fonts Silver Ring

“Strong. Optimistic. Rebellious. Just like you.”

Fond of Fonts NecklacesFond of Fonts Golden Ring
  • silver slash ring
    goldplated slash ring

    Slash ring

    from €225,00

    This simple ring has a U-shaped base and is crossed by two elements on the sides, creating an X-shape when viewed from above. Details Size: 52, 54...

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  • goldplated caps double ring
    silver caps double ring

    Caps double ring

    from €280,00

    This ring is divided into two parts, connected at the bottom and sides leaving a gap in between. One side is reminiscent of the letter B, the other...

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  • silver slash earrings
    goldplated slash earrings

    Slash earrings

    from €235,00

    These earrings consist of two long square tubes with a diagonally placed rectangle connecting the two tubes, creating the letter N in a non obvious...

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  • goldplated minus earrings
    silver minus earrings

    Minus earrings

    from €175,00

    These asymmetric earrings have interlocking rectangular links that are longer on one side and shorter on the other. Details One size Length: 4,5 &...

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