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Façade Bombée

Façade Bombée

Façade Bombée

Façade Bombée is the title for Studio Collect's newest line of carefully handcrafted jewelry. The main impetus is a work by Jacques Moeschal. A twentieth-century Belgian architect - slash - sculptor, best known for his monumental, rhythmic sculptures integrated into public spaces. This particular work, attached to a building, is located in the Quartier du Congres of Brussels, and is called "Les Neuf Provinces”.
Nine repetitive, massive concave, and convex volumes make up this modern bas-relief. The tension between its contrasting shapes and the empty spaces between them was translated into a series of wearable miniature sculptures in the form of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. A similar visual language in which positive and negative shapes are alternated characterizes this collection. Just like a sculpture, a new captivating facet of the jewel reveals itself when seen from different angles.
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Large Curved HoopsRed Agate Necklace

“Clean and smooth wavy shapes are adorned with elegant faceted gemstones in the deepest of red tones, contriving a dazzling ensemble.”

Red Agate RingGarnet Cuff Bracelet
  • silver facet link bracelet
    gold facet link bracelet

    Facet Link Bracelet

    from €185,00

    A simple bracelet with an angular Venetian link interspersed with chunky, faceted links. The random amount of the faceted links creates a casual, y...

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  • silver long jasper necklace
    gold long jasper necklace

    Long Jasper Necklace

    from €265,00

    Long necklace with rectangular hollow element and irregularly cut jasper. Gemology: jasper is a natural material, so please note that its color and...

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