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Façade Bombée

Façade Bombée

Façade Bombée

The main impetus for Façade Bombée is a work by Jacques Moeschal. A twentieth-century Belgian architect - slash - sculptor, best known for his monumental, rhythmic sculptures integrated into public spaces. This particular work, attached to a building, is located in the Quartier du Congres of Brussels, and is called "Les Neuf Provinces”.
The second drop of this collection, Façade Bombée - Part II, features a bold series of wearable miniature sculptures in contrasting shapes, complemented with pearls and gemstones in the deepest shade of brown and lightness of pink. Available in both sterling and 18 carat gold-plated silver.
Façade Bombée Gold NecklaceFaçade Bombée Silver Bracelet

“Just like a sculpture, a new captivating facet of the jewel reveals itself when seen from different angles.”

Façade Bombée Silver RingFaçade Bombée Gold Earrings
  • gold curved wire cuffs
    silver curved wire cuffs

    Sculpt ear cuff

    from €85,00

    This curved wire ear cuff requires no piercing and is attached by sliding it over the side of your ear as shown in the picture. The cuff is sold in...

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  • silver simple triple hoops
    gold simple triple hoops

    Stack hoops

    from €130,00

    These small hoops have a simple design, but the three half-round bands provide a nice texture and detail. Details One size Material: sterling silv...

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  • silver minimal open statement ring
    gold minimal open statement ring

    Colos open ring

    from €255,00

    This minimal open statement ring has a curved element on one side, and a square shaped element on the other. Details Size: 52, 54 or 56. All sizes...

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  • gold double half-round ring
    silver double half-round ring

    Stack ring

    from €155,00

    These two connected half round rings make for a chunky, yet classic ring. Simple enough to combine with other rings, powerful enough to wear by its...

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  • silver small chunky earrings
    gold small chunky earrings

    Sculpt hoops

    from €185,00

    These small hoops have a solid base, creating a subtle but chunky look. Details One size Length: 1,4 cm Material: sterling silver and 18-carat gol...

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  • gold wavy ring
    silver wavy ring

    Sculpt ring

    from €185,00

    This ring has a solid wavy shape with a twist on top. Details Size: 52, 54 or 56. All sizes refer to the circumference of your finger in mm Materi...

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  • gold simple signet ring
    silver simple signet ring

    Sculpt signet ring

    from €145,00

    This signet ring has a simple design and a small round surface on which a letter, initials or a small symbol can be engraved, to personalize it. Fe...

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