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Pareto Vowels

Studio Collect & Stephanie Specht - Pareto Vowels

Pareto Vowels

This limited edition collection by Studio Collect & Stephanie Specht is inspired by the connecting elements of a, e, i, o and u, just like the vowels form the heart of a syllable, usually surrounded by one or more consonants. Both Stephanie Specht and Studio Collect saw the many possibilities of using these elements in jewelry.
By looking at the vowels of typeface ABC Pareto, they analyzed further what kind of building stones they could get out of it. The typeface is inspired by a long-lineage of slab serif typefaces that once appeared on the swing doors of American frontier saloons. It’s more Bauhaus “Western” then Spaghetti though. The typeface is designed by Dinamo.
Studio Collect x Stephanie Specht I EarringsStudio Collect x Stephanie Specht Print

“The vowels a, e, i, o, and u serve as 'connecting elements' for each piece.”

Studio Collect x Stephanie Specht Oh Oh NecklaceStudio Collect x Stephanie Specht Chunky Oh Earrings
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    goldplated necklace Oh Oh with onyx
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    Oh Oh necklace

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  • silver aligned ring with onyx
    goldplated aligned ring with onyx

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