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Free shipping in Belgium & The Netherlands on all orders over €150*
Free shipping in Belgium & The Netherlands on all orders over €150*
Studio Collect Gift Voucher

Studio Collect Gift Voucher

Surprise someone special with a gift voucher.

Characterized by clean aesthetics, Studio Collect gives shape to contemporary jewelry for everyday, satisfying both practical and poetic needs.



A Nostalgic Dream

Like a reverie of the past, we couldn’t resist the allure of revisiting our iconic pieces and infusing them with the essence of today’s craftsmanship and vision. The result is a special anniversary collection that encapsulates the power of dreams and the beauty of our collective journey of 10 years.
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A promise of foreverness

The most valuable things in life—those spelled out in prayers and promises—are hard to hold on to. Love, memories, and pride are as large as they are invisible. Still, we don’t want to leave the house without them. In come the rings, pendants and lockets. Like a story carries meaning and a woman carries her child, jewelry carries what is most valuable to us. It’s the materialisation of meaning. It’s the big ‘Thank You, Darling’, wrapped in a diamond. It’s a promise of foreverness whispered in an earring, for your ears only. Tiny, but telling.
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