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  • digital gift voucher

    Digital Gift Voucher

    from €50,00

    Surprise a loved one with a Studio Collect voucher in their mailbox! Details Gift vouchers are sent by email directly. Each voucher has a unique c...

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  • silver long jasper earrings
    gold long jasper earrings

    Long Jasper Earrings

    from Original Price €140,00
    from €70,00

    These elegant, long earrings with jasper pendants have a refined and contemporary appearance. Details One size Length: 5,8 cm Material: sterling s...

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  • gold mokaïte pendant necklace
    silver mokaïte pendant necklace

    Mokaïte Pendant Necklace

    from Original Price €150,00
    from €75,00

    The chain of this necklace is an interesting version of the timeless gourmet chain. Although its pendant is quite simple, the rectangular mokaïte s...

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  • silver small oval hoops
    gold small oval hoops
    Sold out

    Chunky Oval Hoops

    from Original Price €160,00
    from €80,00

    Wide oval hoops with a three-dimensional structure, for a bold, yet elegant look. Details One size Length: 2 cm Material: sterling silver and 18 c...

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  • silver pearl ring
    gold pearl ring

    Refined Pearl Ring

    from Original Price €130,00
    from €91,00

    Two narrow parallel rings with raised edges form the basis, on which a fine and subtle white pearl rests. Details Size: 52, 54 or 56. All sizes re...

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  • silver long agate pendant necklace
    gold long agate pendant necklace

    Long Agate Pendant Necklace

    from Original Price €195,00
    from €97,50

    This ultra-elegant, long necklace has a large faceted agate as a pendant. Each agate is cut in an unconventional and spontaneous way, which makes t...

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