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  • silver swash bangle
    goldplated swash bangle

    Swash bangle

    from €525,00

    This chunky bangle is shaped like the letter O and has slightly uneven sides. Details Length: small (6 cm), large (7 cm). All sizes refer to the ...

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  • silver dot necklace
    goldplated dot necklace

    Dot necklace

    from €135,00

    This simple chain necklace has a small graphic O-shaped pendant. Details Length: this necklace is adjustable | 45 - 50 cm Material: sterling sil...

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  • goldplated caps double ring
    silver caps double ring

    Caps double ring

    from €280,00

    This ring is divided into two parts, connected at the bottom and sides leaving a gap in between. One side is reminiscent of the letter B, the other...

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  • silver sign A studs
    goldplated sign A studs

    Sign A studs

    from €105,00

    These small A-shaped studs can be worn as subtle everyday earrings, or combine them with other earrings for a more playful look. Details One size ...

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  • silver caps ring
    goldplated caps ring

    Caps ring

    from €355,00

    This chunky statement ring has a pure and straightforward shape, reminiscent of the letter H. Details Size: 52, 54 or 56. All sizes refer to the c...

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  • goldplated minus necklace
    silver minus necklace

    Minus necklace

    from €245,00

    This necklace has a row of interlocking rectangular links in various sizes on the front and a simple double chain on the back. Details Length: thi...

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  • goldplated caps earrings
    silver caps earrings

    Caps earrings

    from €170,00

    These simple hoops have a large flat U-shape and small hooks on the top. Details One size Length: 4,2 cm Material: sterling silver and 18 carat go...

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  • silver slash ring
    goldplated slash ring

    Slash ring

    from €225,00

    This simple ring has a U-shaped base and is crossed by two elements on the sides, creating an X-shape when viewed from above. Details Size: 52, 54...

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  • goldplated equal bracelet
    silver equal bracelet

    Equal bracelet

    from €320,00

    This asymmetric chain bracelet has interlocking chunky O-shaped elements on one side and a simple double gourmet chain on the other. Details Lengt...

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  • silver slash earrings
    goldplated slash earrings

    Slash earrings

    from €235,00

    These earrings consist of two long square tubes with a diagonally placed rectangle connecting the two tubes, creating the letter N in a non obvious...

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