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  • silver cable bracelet
    goldplated cable bracelet

    Cable bracelet

    from €155,00

    This bracelet is a delicate nod to our admiration for chains, a design element that has been prominently featured in our collections for the past d...

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  • silver decade bracelet

    Decade bracelet

    from €360,00

    We find inspiration in architecture for many of our jewelry designs, and this bracelet is a beautiful illustration of that influence. By viewing je...

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  • silver cordy necklace
    goldplated cordy necklace

    Cordy necklace

    from €170,00

    This new matching necklace for our Cordy Bracelet features a chunky oval chain connected by loops of delicate gourmet chain. The unique combination...

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  • silver concave u-ring
    goldplated concave u-ring

    Concave u-ring

    from €270,00

    This chunky U-shaped ring draws inspiration from the robust signet rings of the past. The top part of the U-shaped ring is cleverly inverted, resul...

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  • silver aligned ring with onyx
    goldplated aligned ring with onyx

    Aligned ring

    from €245,00

    Introducing our Aligned ring - a stunning piece that draws inspiration from the ABC Pareto typeface. This open ring features a quarter sphere on on...

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  • silver sunglasses ring with onyx
    goldplated sunglasses ring with onyx

    Sunglasses ring

    from €185,00

    Introducing our Sunglasses ring - a playful ring that draws inspiration from the ABC Pareto typeface. This open ring features two half round onyx s...

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