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  • silver wavy pearl earrings
    gold wavy pearl earrings

    Wavy Pearl Earrings

    from €160,00

    These chunky, wavy earrings have a large and a small white pearl attached to the base. Details One size Material: sterling silver and 18 carat gol...

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  • silver simple triple hoops
    gold simple triple hoops

    Simple Triple Hoops

    from €120,00

    These small hoops have a simple design, but the three half-round bands provide a nice texture and detail. Details One size Material: sterling silv...

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  • silver ella earrings
    gold ella earrings

    Ella Earrings

    from €415,00

    Long statement earrings with pearls. Hoops with cultured pearls and long pendants. The voluminous open structure of these earrings gives them a str...

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  • silver edith earrings
    gold edith earrings

    Edith Earrings


    Statement earrings with triangular pendants. These wide and chunky hoops have refined triangular elements hanging from them. The pendants are detac...

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