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  • 18k white gold esmée hoops
    18k yellow gold esmée hoops

    Esmée Hoops

    from €725,00

    Subtle oval hoops, paired with two asymmetric warm red tourmaline pendants. Wear them in all their simplicity without pendants for a subtle everyda...

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  • 18-carat white gold robin ring
    18-carat yellow gold robin ring

    Robin Ring

    from €395,00

    Fine double ring with a brilliant cut rhodolite in a prong setting, clamped between two bands. Details Size: 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55 or 56....

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  • 18-carat white gold rosa ring
    18-carat yellow gold rosa ring

    Rosa Ring

    from €820,00

    Asymmetric ring with a drop-shaped red tourmaline, an emerald cut aquamarine and a brilliant-cut morganite. All three gems are set in prong setting...

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  • silver long jasper earrings
    gold long jasper earrings

    Long Jasper Earrings

    from Original Price €140,00
    from €98,00

    These elegant, long earrings with jasper pendants have a refined and contemporary appearance. Details One size Length: 5,8 cm Material: sterling s...

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  • gold asymmetric agate earrings
    silver asymmetric agate earrings

    Asymmetric Agate Hoops

    from Original Price €185,00
    from €129,50

    Round hoops with asymmetric pendants. On one side there’s a long bar and on the other a round chunky agate pendant. We carefully select the most be...

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  • green agate statement ring

    Agate Statement Ring

    Original Price €290,00
    Current Price €203,00

    This statement ring truly reflects the inspiration for this collection, namely Carlo Scarpa’s “Brion Cemetery”, with its miniature stairs on both s...

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