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  • goldplated minus necklace
    silver minus necklace

    Minus necklace

    from €245,00

    This necklace has a row of interlocking rectangular links in various sizes on the front and a simple double chain on the back. Details Length: thi...

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  • silver dot necklace
    goldplated dot necklace

    Dot necklace

    from €135,00

    This simple chain necklace has a small graphic O-shaped pendant. Details Length: this necklace is adjustable | 45 - 50 cm Material: sterling sil...

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  • simple gold chain link necklace
    simple silver chain link necklace

    Strada necklace

    from €110,00

    This minimal necklace features a single oval faceted chain link pendant. Details Length: this necklace is adjustable | 40 - 45 cm Material: sterli...

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  • silver subtle arch necklace
    gold subtle arch necklace

    Shoji arc necklace

    from €105,00

    Inspired by Japanese Shoji screens and art deco elements, this fine necklace has a subtle pendant with an open arched pattern. Details Length: th...

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  • 18 carat yellow gold nora necklace
    18 carat white gold nora necklace

    Nora necklace

    from €635,00

    Subtle necklace with a baguette-cut diamond, sapphire or emerald pendant. The fine anchor chain runs through a tiny tube to which the baguette-cut ...

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