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  • gold curved wire cuffs
    silver curved wire cuffs

    Sculpt ear cuff

    from €85,00

    This curved wire ear cuff requires no piercing and is attached by sliding it over the side of your ear as shown in the picture. The cuff is sold in...

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  • silver subtle asymmetric hoops
    gold subtle asymmetric hoops

    Signal drop earrings

    from €160,00

    These small hoops have a baguette cut smoky quartz pendant on one side and a half round bar on the other.  Details One size Length: 2,5 cm Materia...

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  • silver simple triple hoops
    gold simple triple hoops

    Stack hoops

    from €130,00

    These small hoops have a simple design, but the three half-round bands provide a nice texture and detail. Details One size Material: sterling silv...

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  • silver small chunky earrings
    gold small chunky earrings

    Sculpt hoops

    from €185,00

    These small hoops have a solid base, creating a subtle but chunky look. Details One size Length: 1,4 cm Material: sterling silver and 18-carat gol...

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  • 3D silver stud earrings
    3D gold stud earrings

    Stack studs

    from €130,00

    These stud earrings consist of a three-dimensional arc, built up in different thicknesses. Details One size Material: sterling silver and 18 carat...

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  • gold curved statement earrings
    silver curved statement earrings

    Convex earrings

    from €185,00

    These contemporary-looking statement earrings are shaped by two intersecting arches. Details One size Material: sterling silver and 18 carat gold-...

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  • silver large curved element hoops
    gold large curved element hoops

    Jacques hoops

    from €205,00

    These bold earrings have a curved top part and large hoops. Details One size Material: sterling silver and 18 carat gold-plated silver Handcrafted...

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  • gold wavy stud earrings
    silver wavy stud earrings

    Wavy earrings

    from €135,00

    These playful wavy earrings are rigid and open on the sides, giving them a certain lightness.  Details One size Length: 4 cm Material: sterling si...

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