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  • silver ella earrings
    gold ella earrings

    Ella Earrings

    from €415,00

    Long statement earrings with pearls. Hoops with cultured pearls and long pendants. The voluminous open structure of these earrings gives them a str...

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  • silver eliane earrings
    gold eliane earrings

    Eliane Earrings

    from €230,00

    Balancing stud earrings with hoops. Simple and minimal earrings with an interesting balancing system. The two large hoops balance on a small ball c...

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  • gold bayong wood disk earrings
    silver bayong wood disk earrings

    Bayong Wood Disk Earrings

    from Original Price €155,00
    from €77,50

    Voluminous statement earrings with bayong wood disks. Details One size Length: 5,3 cm Material: sterling silver and 18 carat gold-plated silver Ge...

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  • gold asymmetric agate earrings
    silver asymmetric agate earrings

    Asymmetric Agate Hoops

    from Original Price €185,00
    from €129,50

    Round hoops with asymmetric pendants. On one side there’s a long bar and on the other a round chunky agate pendant. We carefully select the most be...

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