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  • silver statement arched pattern earrings
    gold statement arched pattern earrings

    Shoji arc earrings

    from €190,00

    These long statement earrings with arched pattern pendants, have a festive look. Details One size Length: 5,5 cm Material: sterling silver and 18-...

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  • sterling silver arch stud earrings
    gold-plated arch stud earrings

    Shoji arc studs

    from €100,00

    Inspired by Japanese Shoji screens and art deco elements, these subtle stud earrings have an arched pattern. Details One size Length: 1 cm Materia...

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  • gold open grid earrings
    silver open grid earrings

    Shoji grid studs

    from €100,00

    These small open grid earrings are slightly curved, hugging your earlobe. Details One size Length: 1,2 cm Material: sterling silver and 18 carat g...

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  • silver small post link earrings
    gold small post link earrings

    Cable hook earrings

    from €110,00

    Post earrings with three small interlocking chain-links in a row. Details One size Length: 1,3 cm Material: sterling silver and 18 carat gold-plat...

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  • silver semi flex hoop earrings
    gold semi flex hoop earrings

    Torus hoops

    from €170,00

    Simple hoop earrings. The chain is partially soldered to the hoop, which makes them semi-flexible. Details One size Length: 3 cm Material: sterlin...

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  • silver open grid hoop earrings
    gold open grid hoop earrings

    Shoji grid hoops

    from €165,00

    Graphic open grid hoops with a voluminous, yet light look. Details One size Length: 3,2 cm Material: sterling silver and 18 carat gold-plated silv...

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  • silver engraved oval hoops
    gold engraved oval hoops

    Carve oval hoops

    from €185,00

    Oval hoops with oval pendants. The oval pendants are engraved with a pattern of fine parallel lines. Details One size Length: 3,5 cm Material: ste...

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  • gold oval hoop earrings

    Tap oval hoops

    from €140,00

    Oval shaped hoops with a mix between a smooth surface and a textured surface, created by the use of screw thread. Details One size Length: 4cm Mat...

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  • gold long flex post earrings
    silver long flex post earrings

    Knot earrings

    from €170,00

    Long and flexible post earrings. Small knots connect the long and flexible chains to the single-chain links. The knots are soldered to the links, s...

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  • oval disk earrings
    gold oval hoop pendant earrings

    Discus earrings


    Hoop earrings with two intersecting half-oval shapes. The hoops have a polished finish and the oval pendants are mat. Details One size Length: 5 c...

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  • gold engraved twisted hoops
    silver engraved twisted hoops

    Carve twist hoops

    from €135,00

    These simple hoops have a certain vintage feel to them, because of the subtle engraved lines on its surface. Yet, the atypical way they are attache...

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  • silver hoop earrings
    gold hoop earrings

    Carve hoops

    from €160,00

    Delicate hoop earrings made from fine wires. These hoops come with small transparent rubber closures. Please make sure to use them when you wear th...

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