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Free shipping in Belgium & The Netherlands on all orders over €150*
Free shipping in Belgium & The Netherlands on all orders over €150*


  • silver decade bracelet

    Decade bracelet

    from €360,00

    We find inspiration in architecture for many of our jewelry designs, and this bracelet is a beautiful illustration of that influence. By viewing je...

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  • silver decade bracelet with malachite
    goldplated decade bracelet with malachite

    Decade bracelet with malachite

    from €320,00

    This bracelet showcases a timeless and substantial gourmet chain, with a secure T-lock closure. However, the true showstopper is the striking malac...

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  • silver carve bracelet
    goldplated carve bracelet

    Carve bracelet

    from €290,00

    This chunky chain bracelet is a classic accessory that will never go out of style, beloved by jewelry enthusiasts everywhere. This particular piece...

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  • silver milestone bracelet with rose quartz
    goldplated milestone bracelet with rose quartz

    Milestone bracelet with rose quartz

    from €160,00

    This charming bracelet showcases a lovely rose quartz in a graceful drop shape, secured by a four-prong setting and nestled amidst a slender, timel...

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  • silver cable bracelet
    goldplated cable bracelet

    Cable bracelet

    from €155,00

    This bracelet is a delicate nod to our admiration for chains, a design element that has been prominently featured in our collections for the past d...

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