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Studio Collect x Rembo Styling

Studio Collect x Rembo Styling

Studio Collect x Rembo Styling

For their collection, California Dreamin’, one of Belgium’s leading bridal labels Rembo Styling teamed up with Studio Collect to create a line of unconventional bridal jewelry. It’s all in the details when it comes to completing a bridal look and that is something the people at Rembo Styling understand like no other.

Studio Collect is known for its refreshing approach to jewelry design and proved to be the ideal partner to design a series of unique jewelry pieces to complete their collection.
Gold Eloise EarringsGold Eliane Earrings
The wedding gowns were the starting point. What inspired Studio Collect about them were their rhythmic play of transparent and opaque fabrics, graphic patterns, necklines, lace, and certain details. Complementary to these elements, they have put together a mood board that included the Harp Chair by Jörgen Hovelskov, the staircase of the Rockefeller Center in New York, and other fragments of Art Deco and Modernist architecture.

This collaboration resulted in a powerful, yet feminine jewelry line, that focusses mostly on earrings, but also contains a few bracelets and necklaces. Rather traditional materials, such as silver, gold-plated silver, pearls, and mother of pearl were used to execute these offbeat designs.
  • silver edith earrings
    gold edith earrings

    Edith Earrings


    Statement earrings with triangular pendants. These wide and chunky hoops have refined triangular elements hanging from them. The pendants are detac...

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  • silver barbara bracelet
    gold barbara bracelet

    Barbara Bracelet

    from €235,00

    Simple bracelet with two pearls and a tube. Open bracelet with a tube and a long bar with large pearls attached to both ends. This bracelet is avai...

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  • silver ella earrings
    gold ella earrings

    Ella Earrings

    from €415,00

    Long statement earrings with pearls. Hoops with cultured pearls and long pendants. The voluminous open structure of these earrings gives them a str...

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  • silver emma earrings
    gold emma earrings

    Emma Earrings

    from €265,00

    Asymmetric earrings with three pearls. This pair of asymmetric earrings is semi-flexible. One side has a cultured pearl attached to a long pin, the...

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  • silver eliane earrings
    gold eliane earrings

    Eliane Earrings

    from €230,00

    Balancing stud earrings with hoops. Simple and minimal earrings with an interesting balancing system. The two large hoops balance on a small ball c...

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  • silver eleonor earrings
    gold eleonor earrings

    Eleonor Earrings

    from €265,00

    Asymmetric hoop earrings with a baroque pearl. One of the hoops has a stunning baroque pearl as a pendant and the other one has a long and elegant ...

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  • silver beatrice bracelet
    gold beatrice bracelet

    Beatrice Bracelet

    from €260,00

    Open linear bracelet with pearls. This bracelet has a wide, open structure finished with four cultured pearls. Details One size (5,5 cm). The size...

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