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Nostalgic Dream

Nostalgic Dream

Nostalgic Dream

In every completed collection there are inevitably designs that don't make the final cut and ideas that remain unexplored.
Unfinished business brewing to see the light of day.

To celebrate the power of dreams and the beauty of our shared journey of 10 years we brought elements and motifs from our favorite creations of the past back to the drawing table. This Nostalgic Dream resulted in fresh designs that harmoniously intertwine our past, present and future.
Nostalgic Dream - HannahNostalgic Dream - Hermien

“What if we reimagined some of our iconic jewelry pieces of the past with today’s experience and vision? ”

Nostalgic Dream - MagalyNostalgic Dream - Saskia
  • silver decade ring
    goldplated decade ring

    Decade ring

    from €175,00

    This ring has a sleek and chunky appeal, showcasing a minimalistic and clean design. The wide and rounded band forms a solid base for the open oval...

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  • silver decade bracelet

    Decade bracelet

    from €360,00

    We find inspiration in architecture for many of our jewelry designs, and this bracelet is a beautiful illustration of that influence. By viewing je...

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  • silver cordy necklace
    goldplated cordy necklace

    Cordy necklace

    from €170,00

    This new matching necklace for our Cordy Bracelet features a chunky oval chain connected by loops of delicate gourmet chain. The unique combination...

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  • silver concave u-ring
    goldplated concave u-ring

    Concave u-ring

    from €270,00

    This chunky U-shaped ring draws inspiration from the robust signet rings of the past. The top part of the U-shaped ring is cleverly inverted, resul...

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  • silver concave earrings
    goldplated concave earrings

    Concave earrings

    from €255,00

    These long earrings showcase a chunky gourmet chain link hoop, evoking nostalgia from our first collection, Enchaîné, which debuted a decade ago. T...

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  • silver carve ring
    goldplated carve ring

    Carve ring

    from €195,00

    This striking statement ring showcases a sleek round U-shaped twisted band. A long engraved tube is playfully positioned diagonally between the two...

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  • silver carve hoop earrings
    goldplated carve hoop earrings

    Carve hoop earrings

    from €180,00

    These earrings boast a round horizontal bar adorned with an intricately engraved pattern, and a loop at its center. Suspended from this loop is a g...

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  • silver carve earrings
    goldplated carve earrings

    Carve earrings

    from €215,00

    The Carve earrings playfully pay homage to our iconic Carve bracelet, offering a delightful nod in a shorter form. Now, you can adorn your ears wit...

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  • silver carve drop earrings
    goldplated carve drop earrings

    Carve drop earrings

    from €260,00

    A captivating ensemble, these long earrings showcase a delightful arrangement of seven distinct chain links, gracefully swaying with a playful eleg...

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  • silver carve double hoops
    goldplated carve double hoops

    Carve double hoops

    from €175,00

    A refreshing reinterpretation of the iconic Carve Hoop designs. These earrings offer a contemporary twist, featuring an oval hoop as the foundation...

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  • silver carve bracelet
    goldplated carve bracelet

    Carve bracelet

    from €290,00

    This chunky chain bracelet is a classic accessory that will never go out of style, beloved by jewelry enthusiasts everywhere. This particular piece...

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  • silver cable ring
    goldplated cable ring

    Cable ring

    from €135,00

    This elegant and understated ring showcases a delicate double band gracefully separated by a single, elongated gourmet chain link. The presence of ...

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  • silver cable bracelet
    goldplated cable bracelet

    Cable bracelet

    from €155,00

    This bracelet is a delicate nod to our admiration for chains, a design element that has been prominently featured in our collections for the past d...

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