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  • silver hematite studs
    gold hematite studs

    Subtle Hematite Studs

    from €110,00

    If you’re looking for a simple and tiny pair of studs with a hint of colour, you’ve found them! These studs with mini, green coloured, hematite cyl...

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  • silver double aquamarine hoops
    gold double aquamarine hoops

    Double Aquamarine Oval Hoops

    Original Price €190,00
    Current Price €133,00

    Double oval hoops, engraved with a line pattern and cylinder-shaped aquamarine pendants. Details One size Length: 3,8 cm Material: sterling silver...

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  • silver oval amazonite hoop earrings
    gold oval amazonite hoop earrings

    Oval Amazonite Pendant Hoops

    from Original Price €155,00
    from €108,50

    Simple oval hoops with a light blue cylinder-shaped amazonite pendant. Because it’s all in the details according to us, we added a layered element ...

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  • silver long agate earrings
    gold long agate earrings

    Long Elegant Agate Earrings

    from Original Price €150,00
    from €105,00

    Long, slender earrings with bright green agate, a colour that stands out. These earrings consist of two narrow, textured bars, connected by small l...

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  • silver long jasper earrings
    gold long jasper earrings

    Long Jasper Earrings

    from Original Price €140,00
    from €70,00

    These elegant, long earrings with jasper pendants have a refined and contemporary appearance. Details One size Length: 5,8 cm Material: sterling s...

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  • silver graphic layered hoops
    gold graphic layered hoops

    Graphic Layered Hoops

    from Original Price €160,00
    from €112,00

    These hoops have a fresh and contemporary look, thanks to the graphic interplay of the three layers from which they are constructed. Details One s...

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  • gold graphic statement earrings
    silver graphic statement earrings

    Graphic Statement Earrings

    from Original Price €205,00
    from €143,50

    These large three-dimensional earrings are made up of narrow square bars and large hoops that are attached between the bars, creating small gaps. B...

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  • silver small oval hoops
    gold small oval hoops
    Sold out

    Chunky Oval Hoops

    from Original Price €160,00
    from €80,00

    Wide oval hoops with a three-dimensional structure, for a bold, yet elegant look. Details One size Length: 2 cm Material: sterling silver and 18 c...

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